Oolong tea side effects

Published: 04th February 2011
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More and more people are drinking oolong tea. It can help you lose weight and lower cholesterol levels. Oolong tea is very effective in resisting of getting old, so oolong tea is also called cosmetic tea, which means drinking oolong tea can help women keep young and healthy.

Furthermore, the latest researches show that oolong tea has Anti-Cancer effect. The experiments done on the white mice prove that oolong tea can greatly reduce the risk getting esophagus cancer. So it is advised that people should drink oolong tea regularly.

But every coin has too sides. Does oolong tea have side effects? Many people may not know about it. The truth is oolong tea does have some called "side effects".

First, you must know it is not correct that the newer, the better for oolong tea. New oolong tea contains too much polyphenolase and phenolic substrates which are not oxidized. These substances can irritate stomach mucosa of humanís, resulting in Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. So the best oolong tea is the aged tea. If you buy some new oolong tea, you should leave it alone for at least one month.

Second, strong tea could make you ill. Someone likes drinking strong tea, and they love the strong smell of tea. The most obvious disadvantage is you will waste more tea. This is a joke anyway, but it is not good enough for your health. Strong tea means it has too much fluorine, which will make you get caries (tooth decay) and black teeth. And strong tea contains more caffeine, which can make your heart beat faster, so the drinker may also experience shortness of breath or breathing difficulties.

Furthermore, caffeine can prevent absorption of Ca, which makes you get Osteoporosis, putting you at risk for fractures (hip, wrist, vertebrae). So old people, both men and women should avoid drink strong tea.

In fact, caffeine has more side effects. For example, caffeine can make your central nerves system exciting, which may lead to sleep difficulty. If you drink oolong tea before you sleep, you will not fall asleep easily. So people who suffer from neurasthenia or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should drink oolong tea sparingly. By the way, such people had better drink less coffee, especially strong coffee.

Pregnant woman or suckling period woman should not drink too much oolong tea. Take suckling period woman as an example, the baby will absorb caffeine contained in his mother's milk, which will affect the baby. He may suffer from difficulty sleeping and anemia.

Now you will know some side effects of oolong tea. But you should know oolong tea is really helpful for our health. These side effects are almost made by our own wrong doings. If we learn to make and drink oolong tea correctly, we will benefit from it greatly.

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